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After a long hiatus from any online space and many personal obligations, I dived right into a new venture where I could express my creativity and passion through my roots and what I've always loved— FASHION!!!

Yup! It's true. I've been dedicating the past 6months to designing and developing a street-fitness line inspired by my martial arts roots and created for empowering gals (and some guys, too) just like YOU and moi!

It's been a steep learning curve and I'm still learning every step of the way and I'm so happy to be able to come out with my own line that I hope will inspire many to never let your passion slip away no matter what it is you choose to apply your energy and creativity towards.

Becoming a designer entrepreneur has never crossed my mind before, but after a very exciting reunion with my entire family (first time ever!), I just woke up the following day and had this sudden burst of motivation to go and pursue something that is almost completely out of my wheelhouse and totally unexpected! Talk about challenging yourself…

I admit, there were definitely days where I felt completely discouraged especially being a newcomer in such a huge and immensely competitive industry where there are plenty of fashion-masters who've paved the way and cemented their designer stamp way before someone like little 'ole me decided to come along… there were so many moments that I couldn't help but wonder to myself What did I get myself into?… but my closest supporters were with me every step of the way and never for a sec doubted the direction I was heading and because of their love and belief in me, I had the best encouragement to keep myself going no matter what unpleasant surprises were in store for me that day. 

So this is really a BIG SHOUT OUT to all my friends & family & supporters, and most of all, my darling hubby Mr.H who was there to pick me up from every unforeseen bump on the road! I love you, babe! Finally… the Chris Yen Fusion Collection is on it's way!

Please come visit the all new site for a sneak peek of east-meets-west street fitness empowerment!!